Mililani Trojans JROTC


Can I wear white socks or a white shirt in my Class A/B Uniform?
No, this is against regulation and you will recieve no credit for wearing the uniform and will not have a makeup day for it. 
If I join JROTC, does that mean I will have a military obligation?
No, not at all, JROTC is only "To motivate young people to be better citizens."
How much does the uniform cost? 
The uniform does not cost the cadet anything.  A set per cadet is issued at the beginning of the year and is returned at the end of the year for non-returing members in the same condition.   However, since the uniform is to be drycleaned every couple of uses, the cadet can either choose to pay for it at their own drycleaners or can hand it to "El Gant's" in Wahiawa under Mililani High School JROTC's name for drycleaning, free of charge.  
Do I have to wear the uniform?
Yes, unless you decide to fail the JROTC class becuase it is a large portion of your grade.  
How can I get more ribbons in JROTC?
Participate (more) in service learnings, lead by example (ex. wearing the uniform correctly and during every inspections), join any special team(s), and be an active cadet in the Battalion to get noticed and be rewarded for the hard work you did.
How can I be sure there is no favoritism involved in the selection of cadets in the higher ranking positions (BC/ XO)?
The cadet's Vice-Principal and the Army Instructor sit in on the interviews and decide upon the cadets academic, physical, and mental being, along with their experience and contribution to JROTC to be appointed into their desired position.  The Senior Army Instructor either approves or diassaproves, but has no persuasive say in the selection process to ensure equal opportunity for all cadets.